Warnemünde – The outpost of Rostock

Warnemünde at night

Some kilometres north of Rostock, situated at the esturary of the Warnow directly at the coast, you will find Warnemünde. The sea resort is famous for not only its very affectionate and hungry sea gulls, but also for its broad long beach and its lighthouse close to the “Teepott”, both remains from the former GDR. The beach is as much the pilgrims place for the inhabitants of Rostock as it is for tourists. You are likely to find it well-frequented in summer .

How to reach Warnemünde and its beach:

If you are not travelling by car (parking spaces in Warnemünde are crowded anyway in Summer) you can easily reach Warnemünde by train from Rostock in approximately 20 minutes . The great thing is that the train’s terminal is pretty close to the beach since it is situated right in the former harbour area. A walk of around 10 minutes on the promenade along the water takes you directly to the beach area, where you can jump into the baltic sea, ride on a water banana or just lay down and feel the sand on your skin while getting roasted by the sun.

Warnemünde at night
Warnemünde at night in winter










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About Felix Lau

I am a student of English studies and paedagogy at Universität Rostock and I live in Kühlungsborn, a sea resort 25 kilometre west of Rostock. I have a large range of hobbies including photography and both listening and playing music. I definitely enjoy studying and living very close to the baltic sea, since It's a nice balance to everyday work.


  1. Do you remember Hitchcock’s “The Birds”?

    Actually, I think they took seagulls from Warnemünde in the leading roles for the birds 😉
    You really have to fear them when you bought a fish sandwich! They are sneaking around you, following you from one kiosk roof to the other and know exactly when you lose your attention just for a second. Than they will attack your sandwich from the blind spot and you can say goodbye to your meal!
    Thus, be aware of the seagulls!!! 😉

  2. Oh, Warnemünde is one of my favorite places in the surrounding area of Rostock! I love the maritime flair on the promenade, the fishing boats and the smell of fresh seafood everywhere. You can have a relax walk on your way to the beach while rummage in the numerous shops alongside the promenade. Warnemünde is always a visit worth- Whether in summer for a nice day on the beach or in winter for enjoying a lonely and romantic walk at the seaside. For insider: Take the ferry boat to Hohe Düne and enjoy the beach on this side without an exorbitant number of tourists. 😉

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