A little Trip to Rome?

After my new experiences with new kinds of paste the “FroYo”; I want to share some older experiences I’ve had with paste in other places than  Rostock. On my birthday, this year in February, I flew with my girlfriend to Rome. In the planing phase for our vacation, she prepared everything –
the flights, the hotel, all the tours to the Vatican, Colosseum, Trevi fountain, and other sights; my assignment was much more important than these minor and trivial tasks – I had to find the most incredible, most amazing and most epic paste dealer in the whole city!
After some quick research on the internet and following my instincts I found the best dealer in Rome and as it later transpired, probably the best ice cream dealer in all of Italy!
On the first day, my girlfriend wanted to see some interesting sights. So we went to the Trevi fountain and walked trough some small streets. After the whole day of sightseeing we deserved to go to “Giolitti” – the paste dealer I had found on the Internet. The place was hidden in small romantic streets. This ice cream, this paste, this cold gold was just truly unique, completely different than the paste here in Germany. I’m not sure precisely why it was sogood. Perhaps the ambient and everything around was so inspiring, or this paste was just unbelievably good. On reflection I read that flavors with nuts e.g. hazelnuts, pistachios and walnuts are among others best over there.
I didn’t regret my choice!
I don’t remember the prices, but it was eminently reasonable in light of the size of the scoops. This dealer definitly remembered me to the Milano here in Rostock. So many flavors you can choose, the Italian flair… and of cause the incredible paste! 🙂
Opening hours: 7am – 1am

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