Hangout Places in Rostock

I’ve already written a couple of blogs about transportation, accommodation, the movies, and places to eat. In this blog, I want to focus on nice places to hangout in our beautiful city Rostock. Everyone knows exactly what a summer picnic is: A nice meal eaten outdoors, optimally being in a scenic landscape like a park or at a lake is a fantastic idea. I will mark all the places I recommend in a map below.

The first place I wanna show to you is “Barnstorfer Wald”, a local recreation area in the southwest of Rostock next to the football stadium of Hansa Rostock. Lots of people go there for a jog or spend the day with some friends in the woods. And that’s exactly the thing I wanna talk about: Relaxing, having a picnic, or playing sporty games outside, with friendly and sunny weather. Barnstorfer Wald is the right place to do so. With its green meadows and bright glades, I promise that you can spend an awesome day there. In addition to that you have the possibility to play “Ultimate Frisbee” there. You can take the “S-Bahn” from the central station to Parkstrasse and be there in 5 minutes.

Another place to hang out or have a little barbecue is our city port of Rostock. They are a variety of pretty and different spots along the port: try to explore your personal spot. Another option is that you can take the ferry to “Gehlsdorf” and spend the day at the other side of the city; you will have the rays of the sun the whole afternoon. The port is the perfect place to enjoy and relax right in front of the water.

A third spot, not far away from the water, is called the “Kanonenberg”. The spot is located a little higher up; you will have a beautiful view over the city port and river “Warnow”. This spot combines the great prospect with a historical flavour; just try to visit the place to feel some of the history of Rostock.

So, there are these three places in Rostock to chill and hang out but there are lots of more. You may decide if you want to sit in a little forest, in front of the water, or on top of a little hill. It can be liberating to calm down at a fantastic spot after a stressful day.

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