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I’m pretty sure that you remember the subject “history” back from their schooltime. It’s one of the most boring and driest disciplines at school. Or do you remember the days when your parents wanted you to visit useless museums with them, but you just wanted to go do your stuff? I do remember, and that’s exactly the reason why I’m here for you. I wanna describe 2 museums in Rostock; they’ll help you go back to that feeling of being more closely acquainted with Rostock’s culture. I will mark the places in a map below.

Before I start with the blog, I want to link you to the English website for our Hanseatic City of Rostock. This one will offer you all the standard important information about the city.

The first place I’ll present you is the “Rostock Culture History Museum”, which is located directly in the inner city of Rostock and next to “Universitätsplatz”. This Cistercian monastery has an extensive art and owns a large historical repository of our city and state: one of the most beautiful Gothic buildings on the German Baltic Sea coast, an outstanding collection of Dutch paintings (e.g. Rembrandt & van Dyk), pictures from regional artists (Bartels), and a variety of coins & toys from the past two centuries. What is extra special about this place: admission is free.

The second place is really unique: Rostock’s shipbuilding and shipping museum is located on board of a traditional ship right at the city port. It evokes and surrounds you in a fantastic and matchless atmosphere. You will get to know a lot about the history of shipbuilding, a lot about the history of maritime radio, a lot about the history of the ports in Rostock, Wismar, and Stralsund up to the modern day, a lot about deep-sea fishing in the Baltic Sea. Look at these amazing facts; I don’t need to tell you more about this exciting place.

Rostock offers a wide spectrum of possibilities of how to spend your time here. For more information, you are invited to read my other blogs about the movies, restaurants, 2 awesome places to eat, and sport events. If you want to stay a night here, I’d gladly help you find accommodation.

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