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Everybody knows the feeling: I’m famished. Starving to death. And suddenly, all the pointless discussions about all the different places to eat are starting. “I don’t like a steakhouse”! “Oh my god not this restaurant again”! “Noooo, I just had that yesterday”! So people, I’m here today to present you all the different and nice places to eat here in Rostock – of course, I tried all of them because I don’t want to tell you poor stuff.

The first place to eat and my favourite one at the same time is the “Old Western” which is in the inner-city of Rostock. By the way, I will mark all restaurants in a map below. I’m going to the OW once a month and I’m always fascinated by the great gastronomic service in their house. The cooks will provide you a variety of Californian best steaks in a typical American environment. The meat is of best quality and from environmentally sustainable animal farming. A starter will cost you between 5 and 10 euros; a main dish between 10 and 35. The following spectacle will happen when you go there for your birthday: Music is playing loud, all the waiters are singing clapping, the birthday child gets a delicious cake and everybody is very happy. I’ve never had a bad experience at the restaurant so the only thing that I can do is to recommend the Old Western.

After talking about an American steak house, I’d like to show you something which is quasi the Baltic Sea. The port-restaurant Borwin is right at the city port of Rostock – a view onto the water. The restaurant is a little more expensive but provides daily fresh captured fish from our sea. The amazing thing about the restaurant is that you can order either a filleted fish or the animal as a whole. Furthermore, they offer a large choice of seafood. Lots of people are scared of eating such thing but you should just ask the stewards and cooks and they will give advice to you. Isn’t that great? Go and try it even if you don’t like fish.

The third and last restaurant I want to show you is Salsarico. It’s also located in the city centre of Rostock and in Warnemuende. Special about this place is that it’s not so expensive because they offer a special discount on 5 days in every week: Never ending ribs for €7,90 on Monday, all burritos for €7,90 on Tuesday, all steaks for €8,90 on Wednesday, free wine for ladies on Thursday, and all cocktails for €3,99€ on Sunday. I don’t think I have to tell you more about the Salsarico. That speaks for itself. Go in there and taste the fiery Mexican dishes.

Of course, there are considerably more excellent restaurants in Rostock. For those you can visit the website “TripAdvisor” and search for more places to eat in Rostock.

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