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There is one thing you really shouldn´t miss when you visit Mecklenburg Vorpommern during the summer time: GO to a Festival.
Festivals offers all the benefits of a camping experience, but are simply more awesome – the camping areas are awesome, the music is awesome, and the atmosphere is absolutely, completely, ustoundingly awesome.
Getting to know people, listening to fantastic music, trying awesome food – these are just some of many reasons for you to visit one of the great festivals in Mecklenburg Vorpommern.

IMMERGUT FESTIVAL, Fusion or the ZUPARKEN are the most famous ones. You will enjoy a whole weekend provided with attractive and unique features:

The IMMERGUT FESTIVAL is a good starter for Festival “Freshmen/women”, simply because it offers most of the positive aspects of the Fusion without the “uncomfortable-packed-disorganized-biggness”. IMMERGUT is located close to Neustrelitz, which is part of the Mecklenburger Seenplatte (lake district), a particularly good thing in the summer as you can go from a concert straight to a bath in the Müritz – that doesn´t only sound good, it is perfect. A nice camping area, parking at a close proximity, high standard artists – the kinds you´d hear on the radio and see on TV and not just in a local club- makes a visit worth it.

Kitesurfing, stand up paddling, wavesurfing – these more exotic activities might sound far away for you, not if you visit the Surf Festival: ZUPARKEN. It is also about music, but most important it offers surf courses. Open-minded instructors love to transfer the feeling of freedom and excitement delivered by surfing.

One of the most famous festivals in Germany is the Fusion. Finding a perfect description for it is almost impossible. So I asked visitors of the Fusion to try to give you an opinion what you can expect at the Fusion, and these were their impressions:
differences, individuals, craziness, delicious food, feelings, colours, beauty, dancing, freedom, tolerance, fun, summer, relaxing atmosphere, best music ever, a big playground for grown ups, tents, art and it went on and on. The Fusion, is for sure, one of the festival you need to see and you need to feel.

There are some more practical items you should HAVE while you are at a Festival – here is a special guide:

Outdoor Equipment: Tent, bedroll, champ chair
Outdoor clothes: raining coat, raining boots, hat, sun glasses
Food: water, fruits (you get lot of delicious food at the festival also), chewing gum
Cosmetics: sun blocker, toilet paper, disinfection, ohropax, wipes

Enjoy the time at a Festival, which will be the best camping you might ever had.

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