Cycling to the cliff coast

Once you have reached the cliff coast you can park you bike and enjoy the view

Once you arrive in the center of Rostock on a nice summer day, you should definitely visit a nice place at the coast. Well of course you could just take the S-Bahn to Warnemünde. But that is where everybody goes, and in the summer it can be very crowded. Why don’t you take the bike to get to a nice hidden place on the cliff coast by the Baltic Sea instead??? 


When I came to Rostock last year, I started to find out which route is the best to cycle in a relaxed, easy going way and to avoid the mass of cars that you come across on the busy roads. Now I can finally tell you: I found it! 


The hardest thing is to find your way out of the city first. As a good starting point I’ve chosen “Doberaner Platz” because it is a quite central place to start. Via the streets “Wismarsche Straße”, “Parkstraße”, “Dethardingstraße”, “Schillingallee” and “Kopernikusstraße” you find your way to Rostock’s stadium which is called “DKB Arena”. At first the easiest way to not to get lost, is to follow tram line 6 in direction “Neuer Friedhof”. After you have passed under a brigde on “Parkstraße” you would see traffic lights. That is where “Dethardingstraße” starts and you would turn right. The next big junction is where you would turn left into the “Schillingallee”.You can tell that you’ve taken the right way from the bank on the corner, where both roads meet. It is a german “Sparkasse”. The next thing you will see is the University Hospital to the left, and that is where you would turn right into “Kopernikusstraße”. To the left you will see the stadium after a while.


That is the toughest part of it and therefore I’ve marked the route on a map for you. After you have passed the stadium you just follow that street until it ends up in the street called “Groß-Schwaßer Weg”. At a roundabout just for buses you turn right, where you find a small cycle path that you can follow for a little while, and soon you will find a bridge to cross the city highway. Once you’ve done that, you have to cycle along the highway for a little way ’til you find a small road that leads out of the city and is called “Vorwedener Weg”. There its time to say to yourself: “Congrats! You made it out of the city!”



Then you should cycle to the small village called “Vorweden Mönkweden”. There are just a couple of houses there and it is time to enjoy the first little forest and the fields in the surrounding. Suddenly, you will feel as if you are far away from the rush of the city even though you would have passed the highway just 15 minutes ago. Now you will see the fields, trees and the cows and horses on the meadows. In the village of Sievershagen, you have to turn left and cycle along the federal street for a while, but in the village of Bargeshagen, you can leave the big road again and turn right following the signs to Admannshagen and after that to Elmenhorst, passing the beautiful landscape of the coast region of Mecklenburg with its wind turbines, fields of corn, rye, wheat and barley. You can see the nicest scenery in may when the canola fields all over the federal state of Mecklenburg Western Pomerania are blooming and turning a big part of the fields into shining yellow.


In Elmenhorst, you turn to the left in direction to Nienhagen, but before you come to that place there is a small road that leads to the right towards the sea. That road is called “Zur Steilküste” which means “to the cliff coast”, and then you are almost there. You pass some apartments and holiday houses and finally a small path leads to a nice place directly on top of the cliff coast. There you can have a picnic and climb down the stairs to the water to take a bath – or feel free to go skinny dipping. I’m not even sure if that’s really allowed there, but it is definitely a place where nobody at least cares!

 Once you have reached the cliff coast you can park you bike and enjoy the view


My tip for the way back to Rostock is to cycle back along the cliff coast to the east. Then you will find yourself in Warnemünde, where you can have fish and take the S-Bahn back to the center of Rostock! 


Then have a nice trip!

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