G-Wood – a small but nice student-city!

“G-wood” the place what I will talk about, is an insider synonym for the german city “Greifswald”. It’s a small city near Rostock, only roughly 100 kilometers away. Like Rostock, it is a student-city, but in contrast to Rostock, it’s less big, so the “studen-city-atmosphere” is easier to feel.

Apart from many typical sights you can visit, like the “Pommersches Landesmuseum”, the cathedral of St. Nikolai, the port or the animalpark, there are a lot of other things you can discover there. When I first went to Greifswald, I was totally impressed by the little city centre. I don’t want to say that the centre is small, but in contrast to big cities it really is. Although it is that small, it has its own charm because you have so many opportunities to spend your time and you will never feel bored. And if you travel a little around Greifswald, there are many beautiful things to see, the port of Wieck and Eldena, where there is also a little beach.

To come back to the student atmosphere, during the day you will see many students in the centre or at the port. To make it clear, the port is not a sort of port you normally would imagine because it is a very small one. But indeed it is a very nice place to spend time with some friends, to have a barbecue, and of course to have partys.


What might be a little confusing, is that from 6 o’clock pm all shops are closed and the city centre changes from a lively, loud place to something very quiet and calm. You only will detect a few people walking through the city. But the majority seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth. In reality, at this time student’s lives begin. Every day, during the week and of course at the weekend, you have many options for how to spend your evening. Besides many home partys, there are a lot of bars and clubs which are opened and invite you with happy hours to have a nice evening. So every evening you have the possibility to decide between a few evening activities and if you are not in mood to do anything, you can stay at your hotelroom or wherever you are living without beeing disturbed by noise.

To sum up all, if you want to get to know one of the smallest but activ cities in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern with a student atmosphere, you should visit G-Wood. And if you don’t want to stay there for a night, it is also a nice place for a day trip.

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