Major fun at the LT-Club

You want to go partying? Go to the LT !

What can you do to have some major fun at night in the smallish but beautiful city of  Rostock? Trying out what we think is the best club

of Rostock: the LT-CLub, or the way we call it: “Eller”! Probably you’re asking yourself why we call it that way? It’s a kind of nordish slang. Thanks to our friend Casper who often uses this slang! It just became a habit in our circle of friends.


But don’t go there yet! First of all, we want to answer some important questions to make sure your trip is unforgettable.


Question 1: What kind of music do they play?

You can dance your way through 3 dancefloors and we’re pretty sure there’s something for everyones taste!

Upstairs you can enjoy yourself with german music and “Schlager”. The main ground-level  floor offers current charts. Downstairs you can move your body to electric music and often hip hop.


Question 2: Where can you find the bars? (really important to know 😉 )

There are 3! bars on the mainfloor, one upstairs, one downstairs and 2 in the outside area. So you will definitely find your way to your favourite drink! The “Eller” offers an amazing range of different drinks from water to beer and hard liquor, from 1 € to 4 €.


Question 3: How much is the entry fee?

That’s probably very interesting for young people to know, ’cause from our own experiences we know, that travelling costs a pretty penny. But calm down: the LT is not that expensive-students will normaly pay around 2€, non-student guests around 4€. What we think is awesome is that you get a coin for free water on entry to satisfy your thirst.


Question 4: How much space does the LT offer?

The LT is a quite large club, but it used to be very crowded. But if you need a break, you can chill out in the sheltered, roofed outside area. There’s always a fire in wintertime. In summer you can relax in a beach chair.


Question 5: What if I get hungry?

No problem!! You can buy bratwurst, currywurst, brezel and wedges. (Yummy!) You definitely have to try the bratwurst! 🙂


Question 6: I am a smoker! Can I puff away happily in the LT?

Yes, you can! You are allowed to smoke in the whole outside area though no indoor area is available.


Qestion 7: What kind of people will I meet there?

It’s a mainstream club! You will meet a lot of different people there.


So by now, you have become a kind of “LT-insider”.  Don’t lose time: get dressed, grab your friends, and move your ass out of the door  and move it rhythmically to the beat!!  ……BUT WAIT!

Where do I actually have to go? Don’t worry! Just take a look on the map! As you can see, there’s a tram stop called “Parkstraße”  nearby (good for people wearing uncomfortable shoes 😉 ). Coming from the city centre it’s best to take tramline 3, coming from west or south it’s best to take suburban railway.

When is the best time to go?

For young people Thursday and Saturday are the best times to go partying! The “Eller” opens at 10 o’clock and you can dance till open end!

All that is left to say: HAVE FUN!

Hope to meet you on the dancefloor soon!

Anika Lundschien and Frauke Hahnen

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