Wir lieben Lebensmittel – We love food

If you want to impress friends or family with an unusual meal but find yourself with a long list of ingredients that you have never even heard of, you might want to try the Neptun Center. Even if you’re only craving some unusual but delicious sweets, you still won’t want to go away.
This shopping center, built into the former buildings of the Neptun Werft, a shipbuilding company, consists of several not particularly interesting but handy shops (Aldi, Rossmann, etc.), a very mediocre Currywurst stand – it lacks some spice – and a very impressive Edeka. In this supermarket, you can find all kinds of oddities. Planning on cooking escargots? No problem. Ketchup, specialized for Currywurst, the most delicious of German specialties (not simply curry ketchup)? In stock. You’re cocktails lack a certain visual appeal? Colourful cocktail cherries might help. All of these very neatly presented.
If this short listing of food-stuffs – a mere glimpse at the amazing array of edibles to be found here – has not yet convinced you to get on the next tram and go discover more for yourself, consider how easy it is to reach. Get off the tram at the stop Maßmannstraße and you’re there. Alternately, you can reach it on foot from the city center, via a nice route along the Warnow.
Still not convinced?
They have a little machine that gives you your change – an innovation in the semi-needless but unique shopping experience.
That should do the job.

P.S.: Wir lieben Lebensmittel

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