Spanish Nights at Rostock’s Besitos

If the following thought ever occurred to you, I have found your next place to be: “Oh well, I wish I could be in a colorful Spanish town, eating tapas and watching the seagulls float in the port with all my friends?” Considering the current prices for flights to Spain, are abhorrently high, and terrible for the environment, I do know one way to get there that does not involve an airplane.

The place that I am talking about is Besitos in Rostock. Whilst it is technically quite far away from Spanish territory, its selection of tapas and drinks will teleport your tastebuds directly to Barcelona.
But what exactly are tapas? That’s a good question, reader. As Rusticaltravel explains, they are small selections of food that are meant to be shared, so you can get a taste of everything.

They have both classic and new interpretations of Spanish tapas, which is quite refreshing for both tapas veterans and greenhorns. For me, their baked goat cheese wrapped in strings of crunchy filo-dough and laying on a bed of sweet-sour beetroot-apple salad is a dream come true. The tartness of the goat cheese is perfect to complete the sweet sourness of the beetroot salad. Additionally, their grilled mini peppers with sea salt flakes, are a hit even for a picky eater like me – as the sea salt flakes are small bits of saltiness in your mouth hugged by the essence of the grilled mini pepper.

However, if you have a sweet tooth, these savory tapas are probably not what you crave. But you, dear reader, need not worry, as the churros with chocolate sauce dusted with powdered sugar hit that sweet spot.

You might end up ordering 20 Euros worth of Spanish tapas, resulting in a tighter budget for drinks. Do not worry, I have a couple of aces up my sleeves if you still want a boozy evening.

Firstly, if you order drinks before 6.30 pm, you pay only pay half the price of your cocktail, which would also be around 5 Euro per drink then.

And secondly, if despite that, you feel like making hay while the sun shines, Monday is dice night. Meaning every Monday, the eyes on the dice you roll are the price you pay for your cocktail. So your lucky streak comes in handy if you want to try their cocktails.

My friends and I can regularly be found sitting at the river, sipping a multitude of cocktails on Monday, even though the road seems quite a bit wobblier on our way home. From classics like Tequila Sunrise to the Blueberry Night– which may seem to be harmless due to the homemade blueberry-honey sirup, it contains – there is something for everybody

And I do recommend bringing a portion of patience with you, as the local crowd is just as excited about dice night as you probably are.

Besitos is located quite near Doberaner Platz, so it quite easy is to get your tipsy friends home. All one must do is cross the road, walk a semi-straight line on the sidewalk, and manage to avoid the devilishly placed garbage cans clinging to the streetlamps.

Nonetheless, it is also perfect to promenade to or from, as the long river bank is perfectly walkable and its outdoor patio, is inviting for hurting feet. Just come and sit and watch the river flow, as people on sailing boats pass. Additionally, the incredible sight of the sun setting on the river is, which you can observe perfectly from here, is to behold. It is the perfect opportunity for the sun to reflect in your glass of Spanish red wine.

You can also find their menu online, which helps me, as an easily overwhelmed person, when put on the spot with making a decision I won’t regret six seconds after ordering. And of course, allergies and food restrictions can be factored in.

The welcoming staff will recommend their personal favorites if you ask them, just do try to avoid talking to them when they are carrying a million tiny tapas dishes on trays the size of a car tire. As somebody who has worked in restaurants for about eight years, carrying stacked trays and people ordering at the same time can be quite exhausting.

After this passionate reportI do hope to see you there, dear reader.

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