My favourite coffee shops and three coffee tips

I had my first coffee when I was 14 years old. It was a latte macchiato with way too much sugar and milk to call it a proper coffee. But over  time, I became what every passionate student is: a coffee lover. Despite my love for tea, coffee is the one and only study companion. Luckily, Rostock is prepared for the mass of students who need an extra shot of caffeine. I´m proud to present you my favourite shop coffee in Rostock and three little tricks to enjoy your coffee a little bit more.

My absolute favourite shop is the “Cafeshop especial” . The little shop is located a bit remote from the main shopping street Kröpeliner Straße in the Lange Straße ; the shop is easily visible from the tram.

At first glance, the shop seems too small to have a wide variety of products, but I promise you that this is a coffee-heaven.  The smell of fresh, oily coffee beans is nearly overwhelming and mix with the sweet, creamy smell from the chocolate. Coffee addicts can find coffee from Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Panama, as well as from Columbia, Malawi, Guatemala, and Kenya.  The coffee sorts differ in terms of acidity, aroma, and intensity. Some sorts have fruitier, lemon-like aroma, while others taste sweeter with a hint of dark chocolate. Don´t worry about knowing all the varieties or being overwhelmed! The staff is super friendly and will delightfully help you to find the right coffee sort.

This shop is not only about the pure coffee beans; but also offers a great selection of coffee grinders and coffee cups. After extensive coffee shopping, you really should allow yourself one of the many coffee specialities offered in the shop. I really like the café crema or during the summer a cold-drip . This is a drink with cold water and coffee extracts and is made with three tanks stacked over one another. The cold water runs through the grounded coffee and tanks. This whole process can take up to one whole day with the effect of milder, sweeter taste.

A big bonus point in my opinion is that “Cafeshop especial” is not only great when it comes to coffee, but also when it comes to social responsibilities. They support various projects in Kenya and Nicaragua like scholarships or financial support for vocational schools. Consequently, you can have excellent coffee and a good conscience at the same time! A win-win situation!

Shopping coffee is one thing, but to enjoy it to its full potential is something different. Make yourself comfortable and be ready for my most secret coffee tips!

  • Salt

Yes, your eyes doesn´t trick you. I mean real common cooking salt. Believe me or not, salt can help to reduce bitterness in a coffee. The natrium in the salt neutralizes the bitter taste and intensifies the aroma of the coffee beans. Just add a teensy-weeny pinch of salt, stir well and voilà – a full-bodied, not-bitter coffee.

  • Cardamom

During my holidays in Israel, I was often served an extremely sweet espresso with a taste I couldn´t identify first. It was floral, fruity and lemon-like cool taste. After several guesses I built up some courage and asked. It was the taste of cardamom. Cardamom is known for its beneficial effects on the health. It supports the circulatory system, helps to digest coffee and is also useful to treat headaches. All it takes is pinch of grounded cardamom in hot espresso with a bit (or a lot) of sugar.

  • Lemon juice

This is my secret weapon against a migraine and a beginning headache. A doubled espresso with fresh lemon juice. This might not be the most delicious mix, but definitely the most beneficial one in my opinion. Caffein increases circulation; this can help to reduce a headache. The vitamin C from the lemon juice helps to form a messenger substance which fasten up pain relief. If I drink an espresso with lemon juice right after noticing an upcoming migraine, the pain remains manageable, and I need no medication. But be aware, this are just my personal experience, and you should always see a doctor, when the pain continuous.

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