Fairteiler – Rostock Against Food Waste

For a long time, I have been searching for ways to live more environmentally friendly. A big part of that process is definitely reducing food waste. Germany alone has over eleven tons of food going to waste every single year. Even in private households food is often thrown away because of its best before date. However, it has to be mentioned that this date does not mean one has to immediately throw their groceries away once that day has come. Most food items are still good – sometimes even a week later. What we have to do is start using and relying on our senses. Does the item still look/smell/taste good?

What can be done on a bigger scale is installing cabinets and refrigerators in public – or at least easily accessible ­– places. This is exactly what was done in Rostock. In the Peter-Weiss-Haus (PWH) everyone can get fruits, vegetables, sweets, spices and so on. All of the items come from supermarkets in the area. Once the food cannot be sold in a supermarket anymore volunteers drive there and bring it to the PWH for everyone to collect. There is even a Telegram group with announcements when new food will arrive.

Due to Corona, the PWH closed its gates and the food savers had to find a different position for the so called ‘Fairteiler’. At the moment most of the deliveries arrive in the Stralsunder Straße, Hansaviertel.

The only issue is that most of the time you have to be very fast to get some of the good stuff or even anything at all once a delivery is announced. However, regarding the reduction of food waste that is a rather positive sign.

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Hello! My name is Sandrine and I study English and Erziehungswissenschaften at the University of Rostock. In my freetime I like to go outside and meet up with my friends. The topics that I am most interested in are minimalism, reducing waste and developing ways to live a happy life. Since I am born in Rostock I am very familiar with the city and its surrounding area and can hopefully give you some useful information.

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