Boating on the Warnow

Summer – my favorite season – is almost over and the hot beach days are mostly in the past. However, I have the perfect idea for those days that are not warm enough to lay on the beach, but still warm enough to go outside and explore nature. Something I love to do is renting a boat. No matter if a canoe or a rowboat, one for two or four people, for one or five hours – at the boat rental behind the Flussbad, one can find almost everything to spend a great day out on the water. On top of that, the rental I am writing about is even cheaper than the one right next to the Flussbad, where most people go to.

I rented a canoe multiple times before. With a friend, my boyfriend or even a larger group of friends. We either took one or more boats and started paddling along the house boats on one side and large trees and seemingly untouched nature on the other. The furthest I ever came was two hours of paddling in one direction and then back to the rental. Normally, you have to be back at the rental at 6 pm, so sadly no beautiful sunset or a romantic dinner on the boat. Luckily, the people owning the rental are very nice and when you ask them they even make an exception or rent out their boats for more than one day. Once, we even made a tour for multiple days. No matter where you go with your boat or how slow or fast you are, I guarantee that you will be seeing stunning sides of Rostock you would not be able to see otherwise. Nowhere in Rostock is it that quiet and relaxing.

Unfortunately, you are not encouraged to jump in the water and go swimming. However, no one has ever complained if you accidently fell into the water.;)

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Hello! My name is Sandrine and I study English and Erziehungswissenschaften at the University of Rostock. In my freetime I like to go outside and meet up with my friends. The topics that I am most interested in are minimalism, reducing waste and developing ways to live a happy life. Since I am born in Rostock I am very familiar with the city and its surrounding area and can hopefully give you some useful information.

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