A chilled way to spend Father’s Day

Eager for ease? Then getting out of the city and spending some lovely time in nature alongside your dad probably sounds appealing, right?
At least that was how my father and I wanted to spend our time together on Father’s Day this year. He was able to get away from work temporarily, so we could enjoy some hours together quite spontaneously. He messaged me that he was available and could come over to fetch me within 10 minutes from then. I was like – of course!
As my father owns a paddle boat we drove to one of our favorite spots southwards of Rostock.
To tell you only this much: It is near Pölchow where you get to if you drive out of Rostock’s southern part of town. Because it is such a nice little hidden spot and still a sleeper, I am not willing to reveal any more details, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely inaccessible – if you are eager for ease, curious about and dedicated enough you will find it, promise!

So once we arrived at out secret spot, we launched our paddle boat and were off to the sea. Or the lake, basically.
It has lots of small passages and smaller lakes which you can only reach if you pay close attention because sometimes the “entrances” are partly covered with tree branches or bushes.
There are also small islands which you can access, and so my father and I did as well.

One downside of this place is that even though it is quite unknown, there are of course still people paddling there – and leaving their mark.
It is not super polluted or anything, but still it always makes me very sad to see plastic bottles and stuff swimming in the water, especially nowadays where we live in an actually sophisticated society and everyone should know and be informed about the dangers of plastic and pollution of our environment in general.
Thus we collected some floating bottles that crossed our way and also decided we’d bring a net next time.
Cool thing was this – one of them turned out to be a bottle message! Unfortunately, having been written in ink which was already partly washed off, the sentences were very hard to read, but I was still able to decode that some children named Hannah and Paul wrote it when they were eleven years old. Imagine how old the message and the kids themselves could be by now!

We also found possibly edible roots in the lake, I tried stinging nettles for the first time – yes, they are edible (and it is possible to pick and eat them without feeling burned – just pick the leaves from below and pull them upwards, then fold and press them into small packages, upside inwards, by this the stinging hairs are being destroyed and can’t hurt you), they taste unbelievably fresh and delicious, if you are like me and already used to a mostly healthy diet and a little eco freak. Besides the taste factor, they are full of Vitamin C, silicic acid and other goodness, but going into that detail would call for a different post of mine, I think.

So, to sum it up, all you need to explore some hidden areas and enjoy some time with beloved ones is, besides being eager for ease, curiosity, so even on a chilled trip you can still experience some adventures. Your inner child will thank you – not only on Father’s Day.

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