Tinder Tourism – Do’s and Don’ts

Tinder Tourism

Do’s and Don’ts

First dates are tricky – discomfort, boredom, shyness – all these are signs for an awkward goodbye and a wasted afternoon. Well, sometimes you’re just not a good match, even though Tinder told you so. But there’s one thing you really do have an influence on: where to go. My friends and I have investigated a range of places to go on a first date in Rostock, and we are excited to share our experiences with you!

1. Entry: boat trip

Okay, let’s be frank, here comes a don’t! Don’t go on a boat trip on your first date! Just don’t. Especially not when you meet your date on Tinder. I get it, you want to do something special to make a good first impression, but being stuck on a boat with a person you’ve just met, can be quite precarious.

My time with Tinder was quite amusing: you have a match, start writing, and then you meet. But when you finally have your first date, you will give up what you thought about the person. Only when talking, and seeing your date in person, will reveal her/his real personality.

So here’s what went wrong: My match and I talked for quite a while on the phone. We texted, I liked the pictures he shared, and his voice sounded so smooth. When he said, he wanted to surprise me with a boat trip, I was thrilled. I thought it would be exactly like the boat scene from The Notebook. Two days later we met by the Warnow (Flussbad), rented a rowboat and off we went. So, we sat in this boat together and went upstream, the boat kept going and going but the conversation was stuck. He looked so differently and wore so much perfume, that an attacking mosquito passed out; his smile was creepy, and he never asked any questions back. After twenty minutes we came to a point where we started to talk about the weather because there was nothing left to say. I came to the point where I started thinking about throwing myself overboard, swim to the bank and bushwhack. I probably didn’t do it to protect the wildlife sanctuary. But I was close. When we finally turned the boat around, we were on our way for fourty-five minutes. You can imagine how the rest of the trip went. Horrible and with no chance of escape.

Besides all this, boat trips actually are a lovely idea and always a great surprise for your sweetheart. Pack a basket with snacks, drinks and sun lotion (girls like thoughtful and caring men). The Warnow is a beautiful place – peace, nature, relaxation – that’s what MV stands for. It can’t fail. If it surprisingly will in spite of all your efforts and he/she does complain, then he/she isn’t the right one anyway!

Good luck!

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