Barnstorfer Wald – shelter for Rostock

Everybody in Rostock seems to enjoy barbequing in the summer. But unlike most other students, I like to go to places, that aren’t overcrowded with people. To be honest: I also like to spend my time around the harbour when I just want to sit down to drink and eat, but when activities are involved I often go to other destinations just for safeties sake (cause I don’t want to hurt anybody with a ball or a Frisbee or see it disappear in the waters of the ‘Warnow’).

When the sun is blazing from above everybody has to seek a shady place and the Barnstorfer Wald offers various different sheltered areas to cool down. This sylvan park is located in the southwestern part of Rostock and is very suitable for all kinds of sporty activities. The trees protect your skin from being roasted and you can do sports even during the hottest days of the year. My friends and I usually like to play Disc-golf on the numerous meadows or battle each other in a classic Kubb match while enjoying (preferably) a cool ‘M&O’ beer.

Besides all these activities we like to barbeque and therefore everybody contributes something to the meal. There are many supermarkets in the area such as ‘Lidl’ or ‘Edeka’, which provide you with fresh food, so you don’t have to haul everything around for a long time. But you always have to be careful with the fire and keep it on the grill; otherwise, it’s easy to initiate a giant forest fire, which would devastate this stunning location in Rostock. ???

The only downside of this spot are insects, like the annoying ‘Mücken’, which try to lick the gore out of your blood vessels. When the sun goes down, billions of these creatures approach the park and thus moving on is the only thing you can do to escape the swarm.

Nevertheless, it’s an alluring destination in Rostock and a great alternative to the harbour. I like to start my afternoon there and move on when the tiny vampires start their daily routine.

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