Al Porto: sunny and calm place to enjoy a yummy Italian pizza

My friends and I love to go out and eat at nice restaurants but we always choose the same restaurants again and yet again whenever we go out. There is nothing wrong with the fact that you enjoy to go to your favorite restaurant and always have the same delicious dish but if you continue to follow that tradition, you would miss this hot tip I’m about to share with you.

What has become important to me is that I often choose local restaurants over restaurant chains. If that is something for you too and you love to support local restaurants like I do, you may want to give Al Porto a try. Even if the mouth-watering, tremendous, and brilliant pizzas from L’osteria are veeeeeeery hard to beat (and the prices too!), Al Porto convinces with its fresh home-made pizzas, quick service, and a lot of charm.

On Sunday, my friends and I were looking for a beautiful place to sit outside, enjoy our company and order a delicious pizza. After we arrived at our favorite pizza restaurant L’Osteria, we were met with disappointment very quickly. Once we saw the dark and crowded terrace which was not sunny at all, we wished we had dicided for a better place with a beautiful view and where we could catch the last rays of sunshine of this sunny beach day. L’Osteria convinces with its giant pizzas but it’s not a nice spot to relax on its terrace because you are also always distracted by the trams and its volume level as well as by the busy people who are in a hurry.

And this is where Al Porto comes in: besides the delicious, seasonal, and nutrient meals you will adore the view. You have the most fascinating view over Rostock’s harbor and you will fall in love with the skyline of the boats, ships and gabled houses. Al Porto is the perfect place for you if you seek for a relaxing atmosphere. You are even able to catch the last sun rays before the sun goes down. Al Porto is close to the city centre, near the Holzhalbinsel in the Altstadt, so it is the perfect spot to let your sunny beach weekend come to an end.

Al Porto offers numerous traditional pasta dishes, like spaghetti bolognese or penne arrabbiatta, with home-made noodles but they also offer simple but nice pizza creations with salmon, parma ham, shrimps, as well as vegetarian pizzas with the freshest arugula, blood-red tomatoes, and perfectly grated parmesan. You may also want to order seasonal asparagus, several fish dishes and classical steaks. You can add various side orders to your dishes like rosmary potatoes, fresh vegetables or beans with bacon. If you are a wine lover, you will definitely find one in their extra wine card. The hugo is home-made and freshly garnished with mint leaves: definitely a must for the girls!

If you look for a nice spot to enjoy the sun in the evening, you should pay Al Porto a visit. The fresh drinks, the green palm trees and the harbor will make you feel like you are actually in Italy.


The used photos are all taken by me.

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