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In the last ten years, you could observe an upcoming trend throughout Germany that was formerly reserved to specific music elites like metal or goa (psychedelic music) fans. The festival is nowadays an activity which nearly every adventurous person between 16 and approximately 50 (exceptions confirm the rule) plans on doing during the summertime at least once a year. Mecklenburg – Western Pomerania is an ideal space to host a festival.  You can decide whether you want to go to a beach festival or to one which takes place in the countryside. Our lovely state has loads of green areas with lakes and woods complimenting them. What we also have due to our history are abandoned military bases with little plane garages which make a perfect dancefloor. They are made of concrete with a hemispheric top, covered with soil and grass. They look like grottos.

One of my favourite festivals takes place every year near a little town called Lärz. It is located right in the middle of an area we call “Mecklenburgische Seenplatte”, which basically means that a large amount of lakes of varying size are close together in the south of the state. The area got a separate name because the nature there stands out due to its originality and biodiversity.

The festival I am talking about is called “Fusion Festival” and a real oldie. It would´ve turned 20 this year but unfortunately, the organisers took a break. (I know, I was really sad when I heard the news) But next year it is already scheduled from the 27th of June until the 1st July.

It is a unique experience which I recommend to everyone who likes open minded people who like camping. The Fusion world is colourful one which attracts people from all over Europe. It has grown so big that it had 70.000 visitors in 2016. The separate camping areas look like a village made of trucks, trailers and tents with a surreal entertainment district. There are large circus tents, stages and dancefloors which are connected via mysterious wood paths which are framed by fantastic food trucks providing the most delicious vegetarian/vegan meals for hungry dancers and glittery night owls. It is like entering a different world with own rules and working principles – for example the crew uses old and crazily painted junk cars to move around the area. From every corner you can hear a different kind of music and I guarantee you, that you will find something you like.

I used to work there because if you do so, you get to experience some advantages like access to real toilets rather than portable ones. Free food is another one and you earn money while having fun. A gorgeous job if you ask me.

I could tell you so many funny stories I experienced but I´d rather want you to go there next year and create your own. Maybe we´ll meet there.

Bye for now!

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