Speedway in Güstrow

Speedway what?! I am very sure most of you who read the following blog cannot make use of the term Speedway in the first place. One reason more you’re hopefully excited to find out more about it. I provide you a short and crisp description so that you know what I am actually talking about.

Speedway is a sport. More precise a motorsports, but pay attention! Do not confound it with the Indy or Nascar sport where cars are driven in round for hours which is very popular in the USA. Speedway riders perform on a kind of motorcycle. In a strict sense their bikes are comparable to motorcycles, but quite different at all as they distinguish in size and form. To get a better understanding have a quick look at the following link that shows you a classical speedway bike: http://www.bahnsporttechnik.de/html/body_250-speedway.html.

16 riders are battling for a trophy. Each heat consists of 4 riders aiming at finishing first after 4 rounds on an oval and sandy track. After 20 races (each rider starts five times) the one who scored most points wins the event and takes the trophy. So much for the rules. What makes Speedway, particularly in Güstrow, so special one needs to write a blog about it?

First of all of course it’s the sport itself which fascinates thousands of people. Imagine the following: You are riding on a speedway machine at a speed of 120 kilometres per hour heading straight toward a 180 degree curve without having brakes – that my friends is Speedway! You understood that right. The riders can only make it through the curves by shifting their weight and leaning inwards (watch the photos at the end of the blog).

Another point that makes it so special is the unique atmosphere. An example: Last Sunday, 4th June, 8.000 spectators found the way to the small city of Güstrow to watch the so-called “Pfingstpokal”which is very rich in tradition. A number of visitors MV’s biggest footbal club Hansa Rostock would be proud of. The entrance was 18€ for two and a half our best entertainment and action. The spectacular races were worth every penny as the riders didn’t make each other any gifts. Güstrow, only 30 kilometres south of Rostock, is one of the sport’s heartlands. The facility offers place for many attendees and the main stand is currently rebuilt. Because of the good conditions the club’s promoters successfully contract the world’s best riders for the races. The next big event is just around the corner when the Speedway European Championship is held in Güstrow on 7th July. Further information is provided on http://www.speedwayeuro.com/en/news/n/843/ in the article “Small City means Big Speedway”.

To visualize all the explanations I have uploaded some of the pictures I took myself at the race on Sunday.

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