The Top 5 Places to Picnic in Rostock

Now that spring is finally here and the weather is becoming much nicer, the picnic and barbeque season is finally starting. Dig out the old blanket from the back of your closet and let’s go eat some delicious food at the best places. Here are my top 5 picks for picnic places:
Number 1 is the zoo. “The best zoo in Europe” (in category 2, whatever that means) is actually really nice. Once you’ve walked your way around and seen all the exotic and not so exotic animals, you can place your blanket on the grass, give your feet a break and eat. What is better than relaxing and nibbling snacks while watching monkeys swing around trees and zebras stroll around their compound?
Number 2: the Wallanlagen. Situated in the heart of the city right next to the main shopping street, is this quiet, little park. Well, it’s actually not that little. But still, whether you sit down by the city wall or go down to little river, find yourself a sunny bench and watch the ducks swimming back and forth and quacking away. I personally find this place very amiable, since there aren’t that many people apart from the occasional promenader. The Wallanlagen are actually a favorite of parents and their kids as well. There is a small playground hidden between the trees, too, and what kind of kids don’t enjoy feeding ducks?
Number 3: is a more popular one among the “real Rostockers” the Stadthafen. Although the Stadthafen is really nice, I would recommend the steps down by the Holzhalbinsel. You still have a lovely view over the Warnow and of the Petrichurch as well. The steps of the Holzhalbinsel are a very convenient spot for a barbeque, since they are right by Lidl and Edeka supermarkets, where you can get everything you need. Including one of those cute little disposable barbeques. Edeka also has a self-service counter where you can pick and mix your own salad, which is obviously really cool.
Number 4: the opposite side of the Warnow. For this one, you can either take the ferry or cycle around to the other side of the Warnow, where you get a spectacular view of the Rostock skyline. There are several places where you can spread out your blankets and relax in the sun. You could probably get away with taking one of those little barbeques with you as well.

The view from Gehlsdorf

And last but not least:
Number 5: Warnemünde. Okay, I know this is an obvious one. But if you drive or walk or cycle (however you want to get there) all the way through you’ll find a place where there are several little barbeque spots. How awesome is that? I mean what can be better than summer weather, a barbeque, and the beach. The soft swooshing of the waves, the light and salty breeze and the smell of a barbeque. Seriously though, is there anything better?
Okay so now that you know the best places for a picnic, you can start packing your picnic basket and have an amazing time with friends and family.
Until next time!


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