Summer Season is BBQ Season!

Since my stay in the States – I was 16 years old – I really cherish a good southern BBQ. I lived on a large southern horse farm, and after an exhausting day of barn chores, we always enjoyed a fantastic BBQ, which my host dad started preparing as early as in the morning.

He worked magic on the ribs because they were heavenly sweet but at the same time perfectly smoky; greatly tender, but at the same time nicely crispy; simple to make, but at the same time extremely satisfying. They hit the spot.

To me, it´s not just about the taste – even though it´s clearly an important part – the most important things I need are awesome people around me at the perfect location.

Stadthafen Rostock []
Stadthafen Rostock []
Rostock offers many opportunities, but my favorite is the harbor. You can enjoy an absolutely stunning view over the Warnow with all the little sailing ships. If you go there in the evening – the time I always choose – you can also watch the sun plunge into the water.

It can get a bit crowded in the evening because a lot of people have a BBQ at the harbor, but it can be a good thing because you can join people playing Kubb and get into good conversations

It only takes a warm summer breeze, a freshly cooked and sweet scented BBQ and the breathtaking and romantic view across the harbor to make me feel like I´m on vacation. That´s why I adore this location!

What you need:

-grill (you can buy a single-use grill at Rewe, one is located at Doberander Platz, or Edeka, one is located in the Kröpeliner Straße “the Fußgängerzone” — costs about €5)

-grill charcoal (you don´t need this when you´re using a single-use grill, I recommend to buy a single-use grill)

-fire starter (you don’t need this when you´re using a single-use grill)

– lighter

-things you like to eat and drink ( I love all kinds of different sausages with a watermelon-sheep’s cheese salad, and as a dessert caramelized pineapple with rum)

-single-use tableware (you can despose of them in big trashcans)

Be aware that there is no public toilet, but don´t worry you can use the toilet at the several restaurants at the harbor for a charge of €0.50.

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