Biking tut gut.

“Get in loser. We’re going on a bike tour!” (borrowed and substantially altered from Tina Fey 2004: Mean Girls)

(Sorry, I just can’t help it – as a university student, I am morally and legally indoctrinated to use quotes and accurately state the source material.)

This blog, as you might have already guessed, will first and foremost handle the formalities of bikes and bike tours. In my previous entry, I tried to bring that feeling of joy when on a bicycle closer, providing a bit of a first treat for those of you who’d like to get to know Rostock and MV on two wheels. This entry shall dive in a little deeper into the matter as I’ll try to give you some practical tips on pretty places you can pedal to! If you don’t already have a bike with you, there are several options you might consider before planning your invigorating MV tour (You know what they say here: “MV tut gut.” – MV does good? No. MV does you good? Yeah, you get the gist.) Now, let’s quickly break down the basics first on how you’re going to get and/or rent a bike in Rostock. Ironically enough, the most and least obvious place of bike acquisition would be the Deutsche Bahn. Renting a bike there is fairly easy and, surprisingly for the DB, fairly cheap as well – €36 a week and you’re good to go. Another option to consider is renting a bike with Elros, a local service from the RSAG (the tram service provider in Rostock), which is a special treat for fans of ebikes or pedelecs (for those who are scared by the fact that MV is actually quite undulating). Pedelecs aren’t really designed to accompany you for your whole stay though – the maximum length of lease is a mere 8 hours, but for a brisk and fancy tour without pedalling it’s certainly enough. Last but not least, there are numerous local shops in Rostock and Warnemünde that offer bikes for rent. If you prefer the easy-easy and snuggly way, you’ll find yourself free from care when giving those little shops a visit. This way, you can compare different prices and maybe even get some good tips on routes and roads you should cycle on again. Now that we’ve handled the theoretical part on bikes and the likes, let’s hop onto the fun bit: the actual bike tours. … Which I will, spoiler alert (!), further elaborate on right here [link to part 2].

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