Going to the movies in Rostock

Watching movies is just a great act – alone or together with some friends. It was a sort of a general tradition going to cinemas a couple of years ago. These days, less and less people are doing so. We live in an age of cheap technology; I am talking about downloading music and films illegally and sitting on the couch at home watching this crab of extremely bad quality. Netflix, Maxdome, Watchever and so forth allows us to watch all kinds of different stuff on the cheap. As a consequence, the whole film business suffers under these circumstances. So what can be the “master-solution”? Going back to places where you can sit in a large cinema hall, watching the movie on a big screen, and getting the best sound you’ve ever heard – feeling fantastic.

There are some interesting possibilities to find in Rostock (see map below). Everybody knows the large CineStar Company, which is spread all around Germany – we’ve got 2 of them in Rostock. There are 67 cinemas at 56 locations, where almost 110,000 people can watch a film at the same time. A really big one can be found in the district of Lütten Klein, which is between the city centre and beautiful Warnemünde. You can use the urban railway from the main railway station to “Haltepunkt Lütten Klein”. From then on, you have to walk about 8-10 minutes to get to the building. The second cinema is right in the city centre between Burger King and Galeria Kaufhof at Breite Straße. You can get there from the main railway station by tram, taking the number 1 towards “Mecklenburger Allee” or numbers 3 & 6 towards “Neuer Friedhof” – just remember to step out at “Lange Straße!” These cinemas will provide you with all kinds of famous films from “Django Unchained” to “Star Wars” and from Robert De Niro to Kavin Spacey. CineStar for instance offers a special event every other week – “CineSneak”. You need to pay 5 bucks, and CineStar will surprise you with one of the latest films – pretty cool, isn’t it? Apart from that, they do also offer 3D films and a huge variety of incredibly expensive snacks.

There is another cinema to find in Rostock, quiet different versus CineStar – Lichtspieltheater Wundervoll, LI.WU. They show more demanding movies from Europe and the rest of the world, which often don’t find their way into the larger and richer cinemas like Cinestar. You can also watch a variety of English movies there. They do not show advertisements because the funding comes from the city of Rostock and the European Union. The 2 locations are right next to Doberaner Platz at Barnstorfer Weg 4 & Friedrichsstraße 23.

It’s great to have a choice regarding whom you can support by going to the movies. On the one hand, you can spend your money on mainstream movies at CineStar and on the other hand, you can watch alternative movies at LI.WU. You choose who you want to support – David or Goliath? You want to have the fantastic feeling I’ve talked further up?  Let’s try to save the culture of movies.

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