University League at the Waldessaum in Rostock: A Place Where Real Heroes Are Born

DFB vs Fifagötter

Are you tired of watching an highly overpaid player like Cristiano Ronaldo whining and scoring only three goals? Are you frustrated with your favorite players because they are all going to England or China for a contract with the big money? Do you want a team with no technique but a fighting spirit and a great heart winning games or even titles?

If you answered all these questions with a loud “YES“, our University League at the Waldessaum is the right place to be for you on Wednesdays from 3pm to 7pm. You can watch glorious teams like Atletico Mitte, the Underdogs, DFB, Unter Ulme, Dynamo Tresen or the Fifagods battle for wins on a court where only the strongest can survive: the legendary center court at the Waldessaum, covered with sand, dust and even some stones, giving every team a chance to win and score incredible goals.

The University League consists of 16 teams. Only students of our University are allowed to participate in the league. These are people who probably not earn more than 450 € a month, doing some random job, so players who are still in it for the love of the game.
And lets face it, aren’t you tired of paying enormous ticket prices for cocky millionaires, who don’t even care about your team?
I bet you are! At the Waldessaum there is no ticket fee and you are encouraged to bring your own beer and barbecue grill so you save a tone of money and always have a great time with other fans and players, who will always find the time after a hard match to drink one or even five beers with you. Are there athletes anywhere else who are so close to their fans? I don’t think so.

So next Wednesday turn off your television, instead grab your friends, beer and meet and join us at the Waldessaum for a great day with our living legends.

DFB vs Fifagötter
DFB vs Fifagötter at the Waldessaum

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