5 Reasons to not celebrate Port Parties at the port

Here are the five reasons why to take a blanket, drinks, and food and to ferry across the Warnow at a Port Party.

Find a place on the other side of the Warnow
Find a place on the other side of the Warnow


  1. You don’t get crushed by the crowd.
    A lot of people gather there when there is a port party. I usually want to avoid that and find myself a nice sunny spot on the stones.
  2. You can get a tan.
    In the late hours at the Warnemünde port you’ll find only shady places. Sitting on the rocks
    on the other side, you can the sun warm your skin. AND you can experience the sun disappearing behind the cruise liners into the Baltic Sea.
  3. It includes a free ferry ride!
    That’s only true if you arrive at Warnemünde via public transportation, in which case your ticket counts for the ferry too. Start and remain in Warnemünde, leaves you having to buy a ferry ticket (which is at least cheaper than the normal train/bus ticket) without enjoying the extra benefits.
  4. You have a superior panorama of the cruise liners.
    If you stay on the port side, you only see one cruise liner, or, to be more realistic, you would even only really see one tiny part of it. Standing right in front of one of those liners isn’t that majestic. Enjoy the panorama of the 3 to 4 cruise liners that rest here from the other side. Furthermore, it is the far better place for taken pictures.
    Panorama view from the side of Hohe Düne
  5. You have a hilarious time!
    There is a tradition for leaving cruise liners is to honk three times when they leave the port. This is a signal for wishing a safe journey. The tower right behind you will answer this with three louder typhon-honks. So what you should do is this: When the cruise liner honks, you turn around and watch the other people. Most tourists don’t know what happens next and screech out of fright!


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