The smoothly Bowl


Oh man! It’s raining again! The weather service doesn’t seem to be that honest with their forecasts. Nevermind. The fact is: the whole plan i set up for this evening with my friends will be drowned. Sigh. I don’t like to sit in a flat again and do nothing only because the weather sucks. Any ideas what to do else? ” How about bowling?”

What’s that voice ?

“I said how about bowling?”

Hm, yes! That’s quite a brilliant idea! But there seem to be a problem. =( It’s probably way too late to book a lane in the HCC in Rostock. And it’s a bit expensive aswell.

“Did I say anything about the HCC”?

Ehm. Wait…. no? But where else shall we go to bowl if not the HCC?




“Here you are! I recommend you, a place for bowling, near to the inner city of Rostock. A relaxing atmosphere, a friendly staff and in 9 of 10 cases you can catch a lane even if you want to book it some hours earlier. PLUS! almost every evening there are ->great specials<- for the guests to come in handy. The lanes are really affordable, in total you only pay for the use of the lane per hour and if you come with about 4 friends, the game climate is still fluent. Have a look at the ->prices<-. They fulfill an very acceptable standard to have fun and enjoy the evening with friends, aswell if the weather doesn’t fit. Decide on about 8 different game modes to play, the choice is really amusing; from the standard mode, where you just have to hit as many pins as possible, to games where you have to hit a definete number of pins and many more games. Of course the smarter bowling sports(wo)men you sure can test your skill and luck and break the lane record. Feel like a Bundy! =D Don’t you dare to ask me who the Bundy is! I will not answer.

City Bowling really is a diversified option of making something enjoyable of an evening. To take care of the physical well-being you can order some snacks, drinks, cocktails and some small meals. Take a look at the ->menu<-. If your fingers start to doing what they shouldn’t, you may pause a game and have a round billiards instead ?

What do you think? Might this be an option to leave the boring flat and call your friends? “


You are still talking? I already booked a lane and now I am leaving. Testing it by myself is the best way to find out how many different positive adjectives would fit into a description of the place.

But thanks!

Where was it again?

“Have it look at the map”

Great! But who are you?


“It’s a pleasure!

Best Regards the “bowling”- Wolf”


Remember:  Throwing a smooth bowl is sport aswell! =D

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About Wolf of the sea

Hey, I was born and raised in a small town south of Rostock and come to it to study English, History and German to become a teacher. I am interested in music, medieval reenactment or swordfighting itself aswell as exploring the nightlife, city, spots to eat and enjoy. Most of all i don't want that experience of the different spots I find for my own, so I share them and hope to get people who read it to get interested. So if there is something you like to know about Rostock in the mentionend points, feel free to ask me, perhaps I can be of some help. Sincerely, Wolf

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