Flunky Ball

Flunky Ball is a deadly serious game between two opposing teams about glory and honour – ok, to be honest drinking beer and having fun with your friends could be quite important as well. It isn’t particualary connected to Rostock or Mecklenburg Vorpommern in general, but since people all over Germany enjoy playing it I recommend you to learn the rules for your stay here.
Ok, let’s have a closer look at the rules.

Two Teams playing Flunky Ball. Red = the "target" Green = the "projectile"
Two Teams playing Flunky Ball.
Red = the “target”
Green = the “projectile”

There are two teams facing each other, usually about 6 meters apart. Each team member has his own bottle of beer. The target (which is a bottle filled with a bit of water) is in the middle of the field. During the first round one team plays the role of the attacker, the other one the role of the defender. The attacker has to throw the projectile (most of the time also a bottle filled with water) to hit the target. If they manage to do so and the target hits the ground, the defenders are in charge to place the target as quick as possible in the middle of the field again and to bring the projectile behind their lines which marks the end of a round. The whole time – from the moment the target hits the ground until the opponents return the projectile – the attackers are allowed to drink their beer. Every round the teams switch their roles. So the attackers become the defenders and vice versa. The game ends when all members of one team finished their beers.

Additional rules:
– if the projectile hits a beer and some of it is spilled, the owner of the beer either has to drink one editional beer or skip the next round
– if the attackers fail to hit the bottle, the round ends

Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Combine your urge for beer with the good feeling of physical exercise… or something along these lines.

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