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It can be tough to chose from all the different options you have for a night out in a quite varied city like Rostock. Let me help you with that!

A few weeks ago we filmed a tiny documentary for a local tv channel. The theme was “An evening in Rostock” and after quite a search for a decent topic we decided to attempt a look behind the scenes at our “Volkstheater”. We were offered to check out the dance theatre “Have a look” and without a hesitation we packed our cameras and struck out.

Not only did we get to meet all the lovely people responsible for the extra-ordinary piece but we also had the chance to talk to them about their dancing journeys, their inspiration for the play and their (unfortunately) rather unprofitable art.

And eventually we were able to watch their play, of course. The same consists of several very different choreographies portraying all sorts of facettes of our society and ourselves. All the pieces were developed and put into practice by the talented group of artists themselves, only seldom consulting their coach. 

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This piece is definitely for you if you enjoy contemporary dance as well as music that ranges from dramatically melancholic to catchy and cheerful. Oh, and don’t be put off if you don’t happen to speak a word of German! The individual dances are somewhat being connected by a short poem but it is abstract enough to be confusing for a native, so no worries on that score 😉

I myself certainly can’t be considered an expert in the dance theatre department but I definitely enjoyed the evening. You’re not being handed the meaning of every scene on a silver platter. But that would defeat the purpose of the whole thing – inspiring you to reflect about yourself and your surroundings, human interactions and masks we have to put on to manage these.

So, enjoy your evening at the Volkstheater! 🙂

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