Know your body inside out

Ever wondered what your body really looked like on the inside? Well, I guess you do now!

You’re  lucky cause for the first time the fascinating exhibition Bodyworlds (“Körperwelten” in German) is guesting in Rostock.


Up to the 5th October you can explore the extraordinary functionalities of the human body, from skeleton structure to the mechanics of our muscles. You’ll even be able to follow the development of a baby in a mother’s uterus. More than 200 special preparations enable all us non-medics to understand the concepts of complicated body functions and triggers for common diseases.

All this is made possible by plastination – the revolutionising preservation method developed by German scientist Dr. Gunther von Hagen which is based on substituting the original cell liquid of the dead bodies with reactive synthetics allowing to stop natural decay.

At the moment, the exhibition’s focus lies on our probably most prominent organ: the heart. Fuelling the whole of the human body all day long without a break, the heart is prone to wear and tear – especially if constantly exposed to big portions of fatty food and small portions of exercise . This display tries to show you how small changes in everyday life can have a huge effect on your heart’s health and thereby on your entire well-being. However, since the heart is firstly associated with other aspects than its blood pumping, you’ll also learn about its symbolic attributes in art, literature, religion and popculture.

The exhibition is set in the HanseMesse Rostock and tickets are available for about €16 – quite a price, I know, but you will leave with a changed understanding and appreciation of your body. And what is more important than being happy and healthy? 🙂

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