Ascension Island – Sounds like a plan?

Well, it’s here again, the day you wish you could send all those lovely husbands/fathers/random guys off to Ascension Island.

Some clever dude adjourned German Father’s Day to Ascension Day – cause you have a day off anyway. And I don’t know if it was the same guy’s idea, but the term ‘Father’s Day’ has somehow evolved into a synonym for ‘Let’s drink until we ascend to heaven‘.

Not all begetters are that bad of course, I remember giving my dad his small father’s day present and that was it then – until my brother decided it was a time to grab a handcart and his mates to go on his first legendary booze-cruise. Just to clarify things: Nope, he’s not one of those teenage dads. Still, to him it appears to be absolutely legit to start drinking at ten in the morning.

I’m quite positive Jesus did neither let Red Bull give him wings to get up to heaven, nor did he let his water wine catapult him into different dimensions.

But he might be fine with the guys granting themselves one day in the year to sweep decency under the carpet and rather drink each other under the table. It would just be so much nicer for the rest of us if we could ship them all over to a tropical island for the day. Or go ourselves, to enjoy sun, sand and a proper siesta.

But since the housekeeping allowance has been spent on 10 to 15 six-packs again, that’ll have to wait til next year.

Enjoy Ascension Day, folks!

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