Pre-Christmas Enjoyment

This year, my aunt wrote a spontaneous message five days before Christmas. She invited the whole family to spend their weekend in Kühlungsborn in her hotel. Of course, my mum didn´t come, her excuse was:  “I can’t, I have to prepare everything.” It was a pity, that she didn´t come, because it was the best relaxing weekend I had before Christmas.

I left the flat, locked the door, and walked to the station and departed to Bad Doberan. After twenty three minutes I reached the platform, and my uncle and my little cousin picked me up. It was so nice to see them again after a long time. My cousin is seven and she was so excited, that she had only one question: “Mariiiiaaaaaaa, will you come with me to the swimming bath??Pleaaaaaasse.”

My aunt welcomed us with a huge hug and a bright smile. The rest of our family waited for us in the dining room, so that we started our reunion with cake, sweets, ginger bread, biscuits, coffee and tea, and tons of good conversation.

In the evening we all had an excellent dinner together, and afterwards everyone presented pictures from holidays of the year, accompanied by funny jokes and laughter, and some gifts.

The next morning came to fast, I woke up by the sough of the Baltic Sea. It was nice to have nothing in mind or any duty.

The only thing i had to do, was going to the swimming bath next door with my cousin as I promised.

After we had breakfast, we went swimming and to the sauna the whole day, and it was the 23th December. ..


I highly recommend you do something relaxing before Christmas. It will prepare you for a tranquil feast.

Merry Christmas.


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