The Grinch? Ha, An early and tasty Christmas

Christmas time is the best time of the year, but also the shortest. Year by Year, my mum starts decorating our Christmas tree on December, 1st. Why? My family and me love the pre-Christmas time. We think that Christmas time is too short if you start to decorate your home as late as December 24th, as many families in Germany do.  

On December 24th, my whole family prepares the traditional German X-mas meal: sausages and potato salad. By the way, I never have eaten a better potato salad anywhere. Mummy’s the best! J Later on, I’ll provide you with the ingredients and the way to do it.

In the evening, we all sit together and start the “present process” around 5 p.m.. Listening to Christmas music and the fact that we all are together year by year is obligatory. In the late evening, we open some bottles of “Christmas water” and enjoy the taste of Christmas. 

On the next day, we start without breakfast because we always have a brunch with crispy duck, potato dumplings and red cabbage. In the afternoon, we all take a walk through the city. At the end of this day, we enjoy the evening in a convivial and pleasant atmosphere.

December 26th is a special day for us. Our whole family, including uncles and aunts, meet in our flat and have a great brunch again. After we have had brunch, we are sit together in a big round and relax with some “Christmas water” and funny chats.


For those who are interested in the potato salad recipe, look below:

What do you need?



Cocktail gherkins + gherkin water

Bacon cubes



Onion cubes



Green peas

Vinegar (Be careful! Take just a small amount)


How to do it?


1. Step: Roast the onion cubes and the sausages. Boil the potatoes and cut them into slices.

2. Step: Mix it in a bowl and add mayonnaise as much as you like.

3. Step: Add carrots, peas and corn.

4. Step: Now spice it with pepper and sugar and taste it.

5. Step: After having done this, add some vinegar. Be careful!

6. Step: After having done all, let it leave for some hours.



Congrats, you made it! Have a great meal!


As additional food, you can take almost anything. (Sausages, Beef, Chicken…)

I hope you all have a great christmas time. Enjoy it relax and recharge your battery. Think of my opening words: “Christmas is the best time of the year!”

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