Merry X-mas

Christmas is a really special time of the year. A lot of people around the earth celebrate it, so do Germans.

Around Christmas the whole family comes together and spends some quality time with family and good friends.

My family meets in the morning of the 24th of December, in the morning we have breakfast, right after breakfast we decorate the tree, to make it look good.  After we have decorated the tree everyone has enough time to dress themselves up.

At around 3pm we have a cup of tea and eat some biscuits. Around 5 o clock, we get ready to go to church.

When we get back from church, Father Christmas has already been there 😉 Just kidding, actually everyone puts the presents underneath the tree.

Then it is time to open presents, which is a lot of fun, because before we open them everyone has to guess what´s in the parcel.

After ripping off presents, we have some really good food and a chat until late in the evening.

Around midnight I go out to meet some good old friends from school.

On Christmas day I go to my girlfriends place to celebrate Christmas with her family.

This day is actually pretty similar to the day before, besides we are not going to church again. Actually we spend the whole day eating, laughing, relaxing and eating again. That is basically what we do on Christmas day. Sometimes we go for a walk between the meals, to burn some calories.

On boxingday my girlfriend comes to my place to spend some quality time with my family, which is actually eating, laughing, relaxing and eating again. 😉


Merry Christmas to all of you!!! Hohoho!!!

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