A typical German Christmas


Christmas in Germany starts on the 24th of December and ends on the 26th of December. Christmas means for me a great family meeting. In the morning of the 24th my mother puts up the Christmas tree in the living room and decorates it. Sometimes she does it 1 or 2 days before Christmas Eve but not earlier. My family meets on the 24th in the afternoon and then we eat cake and drink coffee. After that, in the evening, we make Christmas gifts. Later in the evening we have our traditional Christmas dinner with the whole family. We don’t eat every year the same like other families, who have a traditional food like cooked fish or potato salad with sausages. After dinner we sit together, talk, have fun and sometimes we watch a Christmas movie. On the 25th or 26th we go to my husband’s family and then we make again Christmas gifts. At these days we also have a festive dinner with our families. If we have some spare time we often go for a walk on the beach. These two days are more or less stressful, because we want to visit all family members we didn’t see on the 24th, parents-in-law or grand-parents.

Merry Christmas!!!

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