Christmas for me…

An important remark that you need to know about me is that I am an atheist. This does not change the fact that I adore the time around the 24th to 26th of December. It is not for the Christian element nor for what Pop-Culture and a consume orientated market have made of it. It is much more for the fact that I can be with the people I care most about, It is a time of getting together and simply enjoy the company of each other,

Like I pointed out before, it is not about giving and receiving presents, at least not for me. Much more I am looking forward for all the food! The range of food during this specific time of the year is mindblowing and I really like all of it:


Christmas Food


Let it be hearty, Let it be sweet,

Let it be Candy, let it be meat!

Let it be greedy, let it be sticky,

I will eat it all, because I am not picky!


After I indulged in gluttony I absolutely enjoy to throw myself infront of a sizzling fireplace and lie there like a lazy tomcat to do nothing for once. This, my dear reader, is Christmas for me.

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