…is my favourite time during the year, since I get to spend time with my loved ones.

On December 24th my parents, brother and I have a big breakfast together and decorate the Christmas tree together. Then, everyone finishes wrapping up gifts or deals with other things that need to be done before our traditional Christmas dinner at my mom’s parents starts. Unfortunately, we always have carp that night (counterpart to potato salad in Germany), which I don’t like at all.

Potatoes, horseradish, cream and carp (in small pieces to avoid the danger of bones). Yammi…or not!

After the kitchen is all cleaned up, the fun part of the evening starts: presents! For the rest of that night, we like to hang out together and just enjoy each other’s company.
If we feel like it, we go to midnight mass before going to bed. It’s not that we go there because we are deeply religious. My mum and I love the calm atmosphere and like to sing together with the rest of the churchgoers. 

I usually spend the next day at my boyfriend’s. It’s his dad’s birthday and that’s why there’s always a lot going on during the 25th. We meet up for cake and coffee and chat till dinner. The first day of Christmas is definitely my favourite one as I also get together with all my friends to go out.

Although I wish I could spend the following day in bed, I have to get up early the next morning to visit my dad’s parents. They live one and a half hours away from us – time I could use to get some sleep. We usually have brunch or lunch together and go for a long walk afterwards. Then, we exchange some more presents and go home after a cup of tea or coffee.

After having written this, I can’t wait for this year’s Christmas to come!

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