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Robert Kuligwoski (background) while a game near Rostock.

 If you ask me, football referees are real heroes. Not only are they crucial to the running of a game, but things like “You´re blind!” and “Open your eyes!”, “Are you stupid?” and “Shut up!” are also statements, my good friend Robert Kuligowski has heard more than a couple of times on the pitch (not to mention the less print-friendly ones). He recently gave me an excellent interview about his unique hobby and his views of being a referee. (Please contact me in the comment box below if you need help by translating the interview)


A dream of every player and referee: The Camp Nou in Barcelona, one of the biggest stadiums in Europe.
A dream of every player and referee: The Camp Nou in Barcelona, one of the biggest stadiums in Europe.



 I´ve known him for ages but never knew, how many people criticize referees, especially in lower football leagues. Being a football player myself, before he told me intensely about his hobby and intensive job, I had held, a very critical view about referees. There are a few good referees – but, to my mind, there are lots of bad ones. “Unfortunately, referees in lower football leagues are always the bad people on the pitch. The players are not really professional and that´s why loads of players attack the referees, although they would never be able to be a ref themeselves”, said Robert. He is right. I have recently seen some games where he, as the referee, was the best man on the pitch.


In Mecklenburg Vorpommern, my friend argued, the boost of building up more and more good refs is going well. Those in power in Germany are increasingly trying to develop great referees. This is important because Rostock (and the surrounding area) has dozens of football clubs with different youth teams where referees are always needed. Different courses offer future referees the oppurtunity to build up their own personality so that they can impose themeselves on a game more effectively.


You can get further information about becoming a ref and other local referees here

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  1. Hello, I study at University of Rostock (Im from Turkey and I do my master Elektrotechnik here) and I wanna be a football referee in Germany. Is it possible to take courses or seminers here?

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