Simple, yet pretty nice: Coney 1871

At Doberaner Platz there are lots and lots of restaurants, bars and take-away-stalls. Earlier this year another restaurant opened near Doberaner Platz. Coney 1871 advertises to have “the best hot dogs in town”, so we went there to try them.



The first thing you see walking into the front door is the counter and above a huge, almost overwhelming, panel advertising the different hot dog sizes and flavors. In order to avoid standing there, risking a stiff neck, you may also pick one of the little leaflets advertising the exact same thing as the panel above the counter.


After you ordered from the wide range of different hot dogs Coney 1871 offers you may take a seat. I chose a medium sized Danish Curry Hotdog. At Coney 1871 they do not use normal hotdog buns but real baguette which definitely valorizes their hotdogs. The Danish Curry tastes just like the classical Danish hotdog (remoulade sauce, fried onions, cheese and pickles) but with a side of curry. I really liked it and yet… it was just a hotdog.


Thinking about it, there really is no other restaurant in Rostock only serving hot dogs. No other restaurant I can think of “specialized” on sausages served in a sliced roll. Therefore it doesn’t seem to be such a challenge to go for the best hot dogs in town… yet, the hot dogs really are as good as sausages served in sliced rolls possibly can be 😉


And if you’re really just looking for a snack or something small for take-away it might be something for you.

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  1. I was running short on time yesterday and went there to pick up a chilly hotdog. The roll is in fact very special and might be their key to success.
    The chilly dog wasn’t too hot I think, but I like to eat spicy. One customer ordered the FSK18 with 400.000 scoville death sauce and…well…tears and a smile popped out of his face. He didn’t finish that bad boy and threw it away. So it might be good to be careful with you order ;o)

    Good blog by the way, drawing attention to a smaller business apart Junge and Lila Bäcker!

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