sport equipment in the heart of rostock

I am personally not a fan of spending a lot of money on tons of gear – wether in sport or elsewhere and still you need to have at least a starting basis for every hobby to enjoy it to the fullest and improve in it.

Here are some stores I recommend:



SPORT 2000:

It´s located downstairs in the KTC, the Kröpeliner-Tor-Center, our biggest shopping mall in the ‘Stadtmitte’-district. The prices are fair and they quite often have bargain offers on clothes.

You will find a lot of running supply, if you want to they can even analyse how you place your foot on the ground via a treadmill that scans your steps and helps finding the best suited shoe for your ‘walking-style’ which is from a medical point of view essential to minimize the danger of injury and long-term harm that goes with running.

The shop also provides a large amount of outdoor-/hicking-equipment, some barbells, dumbbells and weigths and some boxing inventory, yet the main focus stays on running and leisure wear. Of course they do have the same opening hours like the KTC, from 09:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m..




You find the store in Breite Straße 12, next to a fast food store, the famous “Block house” and a Mc Donalds – maybe to reach your conscience?

On their homepage they have a very cool map you can use: by typing in your location the map generates a route to the store – very foreign-friendly!

They have, by far, the biggest range of sports gear. It´s a huge, two-storey store with a massive clothes & shoe section, broad ball sports department from baseball to tennis and from the American understanding of ‘football’ to the European understanding.

Basically it covers the whole range of outdoor & indoor supply as well as group sports and one-man sports. The store opens from 10:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m. except on saturday where it´s open ’till 07:00 p.m..

On the whole it´s the better store because of the bigger diversity, but no matter which store you choose:


Get started! Stay in motion!




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