Moor and ghosts – scared or interested?


Festival of the moor ghosts


Once upon a time, there were magical creatures and ghosts which haunted the town Graal-Müritz. But today, they are all hidden in the moor. Just once a year, they take the chance to come out – at the festival of the moor ghosts!

In mid-September, at the end of the peak season , there is a big festival in honour of the moor ghosts of Graal-Müritz. The moor lies at the Baltic Sea cost and is a beautiful nature reserve. Usually, you can go on you own through the moor or take a guided tour. It is only at the moor festival that you can enjoy such a spooky walk when the night falls, holding someone’s hands while listening to mysterious noises and hoping that no creature pulls you into the moor (pocket lamps are not allowed!!). Take heart!

I recommend buying the ticket in advance because many people want to participate on the spooky walk. But only 40 people per group are allowed, and without a ticket it is possible that you may have to wait a long time or that all groups are already full. You can buy tickets in the tourist centre of Graal-Müritz – “Haus des Gastes”.

It’s a really fantastic atmosphere during the two days of the festival – this year it will take place on the 14th and 15th of September. People like to dress up as elves, fairies or ghosts. Some people even drape their houses. There is live-music, a campfire at the beach, and of course lots of delicious food, and there are a wonderful array of fireworks towards the end of the event.

The moor festival starts at the cafe “Witt”, and then you just have to follow the street to the beach. It’s a festival for the old and young.

So have a good time at the festival of the moor ghosts!

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