the ‘Frische BAR’


You’re looking for a snack or something that doesn’t sit heavily on your stomac ? – Join the ‘ Frische BAR’!


I discovered a little bar and restaurant called ‘Frische BAR’.

I never saw such a huge salad bar. Four different salads that can be mixed with for instance: peas, beetroot, corn, white cabbage, olives, beans and chicken meat. In addition you can choose a self-made dressing.

There is a supply of pasta and soups which changes daily (you can check it at the homepage).

The standards (nut pesto, pesto Rosso with tomatoes, pesto Arrabbiata with tomatoes and chili, pesto Genovese with basil, pesto with peppers and lemon) are available from 3,80€.

Every Sunday from nine o’ clock and every day of the week, they offer special breakfast variations from 2,90€ .

A member of staff told me that they sell ham from Austria and salami, which is not applicative to be a small snack, but it will match really well with a picnic or an evening at the beach.


Additionally you can order different sorts of tea, smoothies, espresso and other coffee specialties.


You can find the ‘Frische BAR’ near Goetheplatz – Goethestraße 1.

To get there you can either take the tram (2, 3, 4) or go by bus (27).



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