Back-Factory – Tasty! Cheap! Fresh!

Let’s start with a quiz!

What is Germany famous for?





No, the answer is not beer, not leather trousers, neither sauerkraut…!!


The answer is: Bakeries!

All over the world we Germans are known for having the right touch when it comes to baking delicious bread and that’s why you will find so many bakeries all over the place here in Mecklenburg Vorpommern. Alongside the bread, bakeries offer sweet cakes, snacks and hot and cold drinks.

That means you’re spoilt for choice, too!  And that’s exactly where we can help and come into play! 🙂 We LOVE bakeries! We’ve tried LOTS of bakeries – some better than others.

But there’s one big problem: we are “hard-working” students and…one thing’s for sure: we often run out of money  – really, we don’t  know why 😉 , so the question of substance is this: Ooh my God, what do do on a budget?….

The answer to this is beyond question – go to “Back-Factory”!

 Huh, you may ask yourself: “I should go to a factory for “backs”?” That probably sounds kind of silly, doesn’t it? It does but don’t worry,  we have a response even for that. It’s a new phenomenon of the german language to mix up german words with english ones (Denglisch). The word “Back” derives from the german word “backen” which means “to bake”. Together it certainly describes a factory for pastries.

You will be confronted with a wide range of tasty food. We can tell you, sometimes it’s really hard to make a decision! 😉 “Back-Factory” offers nearly everything you can imagine: just have a look at the assortment and you will definitely find something you like! We’d recommend “Käse Twister” (kind of cheese roll), “Schinken-Käse-Croissant” (croissant with ham and cheese) and nothing is better than “Chicken-Panini-Deluxe” (italian ciabatta bread with chicken and rocket…yummy!!!).

The magic word of  “Back-Factory” is this old German phrase: “SELF-SERVICE” (that’s why it’s cheaper than the other bakeries)!! Although it’s that cheap, you are even luckier if you are a student.  Why?  “Back-Factory” offers discount cards for students and pupils. In short: “Back-Factory” allows a 10 % discount! We think thats brilliant – one more reason to try out this smallish but awesome bakery!


You have the possibility to eat  inside or outside. It’s quite small, that’s why it’s sometimes  hard to find a seat. But if you are in a hurry anyway – no problem – just buy your food to take-away!

If you are strolling along the “Kröpeliner Straße”, your mission is to stop by and take a break at the “Back-Factory”! (Look at the map and you can’t miss it! 😉  -> you can nearly take all tramlines- just get out of the tram at “Kröpeliner Tor”)

We promise, you won’t regret it! So make sure that you’re hungry as a hunter to get the chance to taste all the delicious things “Back-Factory” and Germany has to offer. 🙂

Enjoy your meal!

Greetings from Anika Lundschien and Frauke Hahnen:)

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