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Just imagine: you are out at Warnemünde Beach and the weather is stunning. After a whole day of exhausting watersports, you enjoy an amazing sunset and have a BBQ. Isnt’ that a nice thing to imagine? It doesn’t have to stay an imagination.

A windsurfer at the Big Days in Ahrenshop

In Rostock and Mecklenburg Western Pomerania you can do pretty much everything that you want when it comes to watersports, although some of it is a bit uncommon. Because we usually don’t have waves that are big enough for surfing, people use the waves that are created by incoming ferries. Aside from this the coast of the Baltic Sea has everything watersports people could desire. You can kite surf, windsurf, skim board and stand up paddle. Whether you already have some experience or you are a total newcomer to the scene, there is one address that will help you out: Supreme Surf. This is a shop in the inner city of Rostock that sells clothes and everything that you need for watersports, but they also offer courses and rent out material. You can find them in different spots like Warnemünde beach or Saal, but they also support events and parties which are outstanding. If you are not into watersports yet a course might be a good thing to get an impression. Or if you want to have a look first without getting yourself wet, show up at an event like the Big Days and watch the pros perform. In any case, you should keep an eye open for parties and other events. So whatever you decide for, enjoy the water and hang loose.


Two windsurfers getting ready at the Big Days in Ahrenshop



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