Impressive Vessels, Stunning Views and Some Ground to Cover

A runner in the Stadthafen

Hey sportspeople out there. Today I want to present another running track to you. If you prefer water and the city over nature, this course, the inner city harbour will be perfect for you. You are on the Warnow almost the whole time and you have a fantastic view onto the city and Gehlsdorf, a little romantic part of Rostock on the other side of the Warnow. It is especially beautiful in the evening when the sun goes down and the whole scenery glows in red and orange colours. In our example, we are going to start at the Doberaner Platz as a central point. Go up the Gertrudenstraße, turn right at the end, run up the little hill and go left on the top. There is a little pedestrian path parallel to the street. Take this one and the Warnow opens up in front of you. Run down the stairs, cross the street and here you are at the inner city harbour, the Stadthafen. Turn left and follow the water. Be careful after a while there is a little peninsula. So if you don’t want to do extra meters, don’t go on it, you’ll have to run back. Carry on straight ahead. After a while there will be a big storage building with the letters Hansecenter on it and a big old crane in front of it. Go around the next corner, that goes to the right and turn left and leave the water shortly after that corner.  You should be on the Neptunstraße now, turn left onto the Werftstraße and follow that one until you get to a big four-lane street. Cross that one straight ahead, you should be on the Doberanerstraße now. If you follow it, you’ll be back where we started. That course is 5km but as this is just an example you can do much more. For example you could turn right when you reach the water and go to the end of the harbour, turn around and run back and follow the other route. 

Don’t get lost and enjoy running and Rostock.





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