The Ronja Espresso Roasters – Rostock´s Coffee Haven


When Jan Kleinschmidt opened his first ronja espresso® Bar at the Margaretenplatz in the center of Rostock´s student area, his aim was to revolutionize Rostock´s coffee culture, which had mostly been defined by cheap, ordinary dripping coffee for decades. Hand roasted, flavorful espresso, a warm atmosphere, retro GDR furnishing and delicate coffee odors – that was the concept with which he wanted to convert Rostock´s coffee fans to connoisseurs.

Eight years have passed and the “Ronja´s” is now a well-known name that stands for quality and innovation and Ronja´s homemade espresso-blends have found their way into many Cafés, Bars, and especially into numerous private households in Rostock.


As a result of the great success, a second store has just recently opened at the Doberaner Platz that offers a catchy range of “To-go“- and “To-stay”-products (“coffee to stay” is a German pseudo-anglicism that is used to point out to the opportunity of drinking the coffee INSIDE the shop) , including hot and cold drinks, coffee and espresso beans, handcrafted chocolates, Italian candy and a nice selection of fresh, delicious pastries.

So, if you want to experience and become part of the new developing coffee culture in Rostock, if you enjoy having a chat in a relaxed atmosphere while watching the crowds passing by, if you´re looking for extraordinary flavors and unique coffee creations: go to Ronja´s!


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Moin Moin! My name is Vivien Schütz, I´m 21 and originally from Berlin. 1 ½ years ago, I spontaneously moved to Rostock to study Orthopedagogy and English. At first, I only left my hometown and moved northwards because of my high school graduation which was not good enough for the university in Berlin. Today, I´m happy with my decision and I enjoy living in this beautiful small town by the sea. Aside from the typical benefits like shorter ways, more nature and better prices, Rostock also offers great opportunities for leisure time activities. The homely pubs and restaurants where you always see the same people, give Rostock a very unique and comfortable character.

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