The “Universitätsplatz” – The meeting point of Rostock

Brunnen der Lebensfreude ("Pornobrunnen")

Today let’s talk about the so called “Universitätsplatz”. It’s located in the middle of the “Kröpeliner Straße” and it’s THE meeting point for people of all ages. You’ll always find students and younger people there relaxing on the meadow behind the fountain, maybe making some nice tunes on their guitars or having some fun with various activities, e.g. juggling, footbagging, freestyle jumping etc. Not to miss the older people of course, who are mostly relaxing there, feeding some birds and enjoying their afternoons, while drinking some coffee and eating cakes in the nearby cafés. Sometimes cultural events like open air concerts, the Christmas, Easter and other markets take place around that area. To conclude it never gets boring there and never quiet.

View on the Kröpeliner Straße
Meadow behind the Fountain


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