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this time I am going to present you something that is not really considered to be a restaurant. Nevertheless, I do think that this entry will help you getting food for cheap and of high quality. I am talking about the Mensen of the Studentenwerk Rostock. These canteens provide students and everyone else with a rich selection of meals six days a week from 11:00 am to 02:00 pm.



The best thing is: You can chose freely between the components which usually consist of a handful of rotating side dishes like fries, potatoes or rice, and varying meat and vegetarian/vegan components that change every day. Prices per component vary from € 0.30 to € 1.50 which is pretty cheap overall. Students always pay a little less.

The biggest Mensa of Rostock is the Südstadt Mensa. Its huge refectory offers enough space for a few hundred people their, it is usually well lit and it’s colourful environments are helping with creating a nice atmosphere.  But not only the Südstadt Mensa offers a diverse and healthy menu, even the smaller ones like the Mensa at Ulmenstraße has a great selection.



Is it easy to find the place?


Good location for future plans?


Quality and Friendliness of staff?


Cost / Performance-Ratio?


Comfortable ambience?


Variety of Products?




It is no wonder the Mensen in Rostock have won different awards for its quality offerings. If you have the chance to, you should eat there as often as possible as it is really affordable and of high quality. If you can deal with the natural sound level of a bunch of students hanging out you have found yourself a great resource for a nice meal in Rostock.


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