Fête De La Musique

You like live music, good-tempered people and a heated atmosphere?

Next to lots of fun those are the things that will expect you on the music street festival “Fête De La Musique”. It has its origin in France thirty years back and was supposed to reflect the French passion for music. Nowadays it takes place in the whole world, always at the beginning of summer, and even for the second time in Rostock.

  • When? 21. June 2011 | 3 p.m. until 10 p.m.
  • Where? Inner city of Rostock (Kröpeliner Straße)

Celebrate, dance or just relax to a variety of artists, music styles and sounds. That way you might get into contact with a motley crowd of Germans and maybe even other foreigners. Whereas at the “Kroepeliner Tor” stages will be built up by the local radio channel “LOHRO” and “M.A.U.-Club“, at the “Neuer Markt” you will have a stage filled with student bands. Right at the “Universitätsplatz” choirs, dancing groups and other ensembles will prove their talent or absence of it.

If there is anything YOU (optional: you and your friends) are very good at (referring to music) and YOU might want to show or present to other people, just come along and do it!

For further information or questions you can contact the promoter of this event:

The Institut franco-allemand de Rostock e.V.
Landline number: (+49) 381 2065246
Mobile phone: (+49) 176 28773335

Or have a look at this website: www.fete-rostock.de

I hope to see you there!


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  1. Thanks for the tipp! I really enjoyed it with some friends! Les Bummms Boys, Moderator Alligator (whose singer reminded me of Roisin Murphy), Kyuchu, and so on and so forth – it was a nice mixture of music genres.

    Even the sudden rain couldn’t keep us away from the stage ;-).

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