Baseball In Rostock

Areyou  a Baseball-fan and missing your sport? Or are you interested in the sport but do not know where to watch, play or learn the game? I will explain the basic rules of Baseball and where to watch games here in our region to you in this blog entry.

Baseball is a sport in which two teams compete with each other. One team is the attacking team the other is the defensive team. Both teams can score. The attacking team gets points when a player passes all three “bases.” The bases are little patches on the field which are defended by the defensive team. If a ball reaches a base earlier than the hitter, (Pitcher) – who’s hit the ball before – the Pitcher is out! If the thrower is unable to throw three rule-consistent balls, the pitcher can go to the first base. If the Pitcher’s unable to hit the ball once in three attempts – he’s out. To understand the game completely, it is better to watch a game live or even better, to participate.

Baseball is a quite young sport here in Germany and in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern it’s a very new sport. There are only existing two teams here in Rostock. One of them is the “Rostock Bucaneros” .

They participate in the Landesliga in Schleswig-Holstein/Hamburg to gain experience in the sport. If you want to watch or join the training, attend the weekly training sessions on Wednesday in Gehlsdorf .




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